Speed is often an important competitive advantage when a customer chooses between two solutions, and one can be delivered when the customer wants it. Never speed before quality, but rather speed in getting back with a response or decision, speed between us internally, and speed in adapting to changes in the world around us. We see no conflict between speed and quality. Rather, quality is a prerequisite for speed.

Magnus Geverts


Chief Business Development Officer


“It was 2001, after a couple of tough years peaking with the .com crash and lots of bankruptcies for IT companies. Our customers were screaming for a new, better product, with support for multi-skilling. We were losing sales and the pressure to get a product out on the market was immense.

I was head of development and we had set out to create a completely new WFM solution, and deliver it at an event in London, in 100 days. The whole development team was focused and I could see how we slowly made progress in each and every module.

When we were getting close to the launch I had not yet seen any individual module working in the new management console. A tremendous effort was made from the whole team in order to get their respective modules ready to work.

In the last two weeks before the launch, the different modules started to “snap in” to the management console. But when the flight to London took off, I had not yet seen a fully working system… We kept working on the flight, when we landed, on the way to our hotels, and the entire night before the event.

And guess what? We managed to launch a new version on time!

I believe this set the foundation for our leadership in multi-skill scheduling. The sales took off, projects could be delivered and the version helped us go international and win our first big UK customer.”

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