Do you want to try a more modern way of working? Do you want an inspiring job and still be able to spend time with friends and family? Visit our office in Shenzhen!

At Teleopti you come face to face with world-class, agile development.


Innovation is the most commonly mentioned word when customers are asked what they associate with Teleopti. We’re proud, but we want to do more. Teleopti invests a lot in product development, and Research & Development is the biggest department within Teleopti with more than 60 passionate colleagues – 12 of these work in our Shenzhen office, close to Chegongmiao subway station.

Teleopti believes the most innovative new features are created and the best quality is achieved by development teams where the team members are creative, happy and not feeling stressed. We think this is dependent on having a good work-life balance, which is why we have 8-hour workdays 5 days a week, as this leaves plenty of time to spend with friends and family.


At Teleopti R&D in Shenzhen, each team take ownership of one of the areas within the product, to get to know the user needs and be able to deliver the best features for these users.

All teams enjoy a high degree of autonomy, and the team members decide how they want to work together. But, there are some things that all development teams at Teleopti have in common. We use agile processes to deliver customer value as quickly as possible, we use test-driven development in striving towards continuous delivery and we do a lot of pair and mob programming to ensure great quality and the best features, and of course because it’s more fun to work together!

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At Teleopti R&D you work with the latest technologies and together with the most dedicated colleagues.

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