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In the last five years Teleopti has tripled its business, a large part of this being thanks to most new customers now using our Workforce Management (WFM) product in our hosted Azure environment. Customers love the user-friendliness of our product, combined with the intelligent automation it offers. They are very engaged and suggest a lot of new features that would make our product even better.

To keep up with the demand, keep our customers happy and keep building the best WFM solution on the market, Teleopti invests a lot in product development. R&D is already our biggest department with more than 60 passionate colleagues and we are expanding a lot this year, in all our R&D offices.

Read about how we work and what we have to offer. Maybe your new dream job is at Teleopti!

Team work makes the dream work

Our development teams work closely together, usually with pair or mob programming, to join forces in transforming the complex operations of Workforce Management into modern, easy-to-use features for the users. The focus for our teams is to help the users by automating time-consuming tasks and giving them the information and the tools they need to stay on top of their everyday challenges.

While the development teams are small, usually 3-4 developers and a tester, they still have the support to discuss and develop ideas with the other teams. We have active cross-team guilds to find best-practices, exchange thoughts with and get help from.

See what you create

Each team takes ownership of a particular area of the Teleopti WFM software and in close cooperation with the product owner they create the future functionality of that area. There are opportunities for on-site days with customers to see the code in action, get first-hand experience of how it is used and be inspired for what to create next. Goodbye consultancy where you never get to spend time on quality and maintainability, and where your work disappears off without you seeing the benefit it offers to users. With Teleopti you really see what you create.

Modern ways of working

Striving towards continuous delivery, we deliver new features to our customers every week. With more and more customers using our product in our hosted Azure environment, we aim to deploy even more often to get fast feedback on the value of the features we deliver. Releasing every week is possible thanks to many years of test-driven development. With each push of new code, thousands of tests are run automatically. Our build and release infrastructure ensures that what developers push can be released the same day.

All our teams work with an agile methodology using Kanban boards to really focus on one task at a time. The focus is on delivering customer value, launching previews to all customers very early in the process to get feedback and based on that make changes and decide where to go next. Such an agile process results in WFM features that fulfill the customer needs and exceed their expectations. That is why Teleopti is one of the leaders in the WFM industry.


Check out the job openings in the office closest to you. We look forward to seeing your application! 

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Check out the job openings in the office closest to you. We look forward to seeing your application!




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