We have developed our professionalism over the years thanks to the collaboration with our customers and the demands they put on us. Today, we possess world-class expertise in the areas we operate and we are very proud of this fact. We face a constant struggle between professionalism and speed, and here we do not want to choose. We want to see both!

Nick Smith


Sales Manager
UK & Ireland

Nick Smith Teleopti

“Throughout my early career, my idea of “professionalism” meant a smart suit, a tidy haircut and an executive German car. If you had these, I believed, you were an achiever that everyone respected. My first experience at Teleopti was as a partner receiving product training. On my way to the meeting, I expected to be met by my version of “professionalism”.

But what I was met with was a guy with a dog by his desk, and people rolling up and down the corridors on scooters – bearded Swedes wearing jeans and t-shirts. What I also was met with, was people from all areas of the business genuinely interested in my visit, and a level of friendliness and group focus I had never seen before.

The experience completely changed my perception of professionalism forever, and I had my first glimpse of what working at a truly good company should be like.”

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