Title: CEO

At Teleopti since: early 1998

Olle DüringHow did you start working at Teleopti?
I basically started working at Teleopti directly after school. I was doing my thesis at Ericsson. In the corridors of Ericsson me and my friend met a girl who needed a hand to carry some boxes. We helped her and then we got to know her boyfriend who was Kjell*. A few weeks later we got acquainted with Nils and Marita Bildt, the founders of Teleopti. Soon after, I started working at Teleopti as the first sales person. And my journey at Teleopti began.

Best thing about working at Teleopti.
I would say our capacity of blending people to create something interesting together is the best thing about Teleopti. At the end of the day, a pleasant workplace is about the people who work there. I enjoy working with my colleagues every single day. It is also apparent in different surveys that we rate our colleagues the highest. But if you turn the question around and ask what would make me leave the company. The answer would be the day we abandoned our growth ambitions, which is almost part of Teleopti’s DNA. If one day we decide not to be aggressive in our business and we think what we’ve done is enough so it is time to maintain what we’ve already achieved, then there would be a great risk that I leave the company. I enjoy the dynamics and diversity we have at Teleopti.

When are you the happiest?
At the end of a great work week when I know everything is going the way it should at work, then I can relax and spend a nice weekend with my family.

What do you do when are not at work?
I have two kids, so I don’t have any problems finding stuff to do. At the same time, as a family we are not activity maniacs, I mean we are not trying to maximize the number of activities our kids do. I enjoy physical activities and if I need to pick one, it would be cross-country skiing. I also like biking.

Name three hobbies of yours.
As I said, physical activities are something I try to do in my spare time. I usually participate in Vasaloppet – an annual long distance cross-country ski race held in the Middle of Sweden. Mountain biking is another favorite. I recently participated in a 100 kilometers race where I came third. I also like to collect memories of the things I do. One of my favorites is to collect visits to high buildings. Wherever I go I try to pay a visit to the highest building. I really like skyscrapers, skylines and the gem in the collection, skybars.

Name three things still left on your bucket list.
I travel a lot at work but traveling is still something I really like to do. Maybe a road trip around the US with a camper. And I would like to participate in a triathlon race once. Another thing on the list is off-piste skiing in Japan or the US. I also dream about a day when my daughters are old enough so we can do some of these activities together. The thought of me participating in Vasaloppet with my daughters one day makes me motivated to be in shape so when the time comes it is possible. Or maybe my daughters will have their own desires to do other activities and then I want to be able to join them.

If you could have one superpower, which would you choose?
Better memory I guess, if you can call it a superpower. Oh, and even the ability to read people’s minds, but probably not every day, just when necessary. 🙂


*Kjell Persovin is the current CEO of Teleopti AB’s sister company, ProOpti AB

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