Title: Agile Coach

At Teleopti since: August 2015

Maria LingmanHow did you start working at Teleopti?
I was working at one of the biggest IT consultant companies in Sweden when I came in contact with a former Teleoptimist on an assignment for a customer. He told me that Teleopti was looking for people like me and that they would need an extra agile coach. For me, as a consultant who had been working with agile methods for several years, this was very appealing, especially that they were specifically looking for an agile coach. This was over a year ago and the term “agile coach” was not as hot as it is right now. That Teleopti called the role “agile coach” clearly showed a maturity in the R&D agile mindset. I’ve been working in different roles such as a system developer, project manager, agile consultant, etc for about 15 years. But in recent years I mainly worked with agile transformation at different levels within organizations.

Best thing about working at Teleopti.
For me, to step into Teleopti was attractive from the beginning. After years of working and trying to convince IT organizations that there are better ways of doing things I finally found a company with agile maturity. Prior to Teleopti, as a consultant I was on different missions, often trying to implement agile methodology which mostly required me to lead structural changes as well. Sometimes the whole IT department needed to change, some sort of cultural change, a change of mindset. This was very tough because often companies didn’t have agile values in them plus that they were not mature enough to work in an agile way. But here at Teleopti, the core values go hand in hand with agile culture. To be agile, it is in the DNA of Teleopti.

When are you the happiest?
I feel happy and I laugh a lot every day! But when I see a team sitting closely together, working to solve a complex problem, they are twisting and bending it and are actually making progress, then I feel happy and relaxed.

What do you do when you are not at work?
I have three young sons, so I basically spend most of my spare time with my family.

Name three hobbies of yours.
I usually look for junk stuff for recycling. I am particularly interested in wooden stuff and to build furniture out of that . I’m a Log-lady. Skiing and snowboarding are other favorite hobbies. I used to play the piano until I was 15. I never played again ‘til I got a new piano from my family on my 40th birthday. The interesting part is that I sat down at the piano, closed my eyes and I could remember how to play. Also, I also like to hang out in our garden. It’s quite big so there’s always work to be done. While others cut and prune their gardens, I chop down trees and pick up pine cones and needles on a regular basis.

Name three things still left on your bucket list.
I could never narrow down my bucket list to three things. There are so many things I want to do. For instance, I want to go to each single country in the world. I also dream about creating stuff with my hands, but no, it is impossible to make a short list!

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?
I would love to fly. As a child I dreamed that I could fly. I took some parachuting lessons and have jumped out of planes a number of times but I never got close to that perfect flying feeling though.

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