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Welcome on board Teleopti’s new R&D hub in Jönköping

Teleopti is growing and we’re heading full speed into the future of cloud, Artificial Intelligence and User Experience. To continue creating a game-changing WFM product we are growing our development team with a new R&D office in Jönköping – and we’re hiring developers who can join us in this journey at the forefront of innovation.

Teleopti is an international Swedish company, pioneering powerful workforce management (WFM) software. Our advanced automation supports great customer experiences and boosts operational profitability. Oh, and Teleopti is on a mission to Humanize the Workplace. We live, breathe and create employee engagement – for our solution, our customers and our employees.

Why Jönköping is home to our new R&D hub

At the heart of our international operations is Swedish innovation. In fact, innovation is the first word that most Teleopti customers think of when surveyed – we’re proud of that, but we can always do more. To continue to create an exciting, intelligent product we want to tap into and nurture the experience, creativity and potential that lies in another Swedish diamond, Jönköping. Whether you’re recently out of university or have already got cracking with your coding, you’re welcome to join our journey of innovation.

With the opportunity for both in-person as well as digital collaboration with our other Swedish teams in Stockholm, Gävle and Strängnäs, plus our R&D team in China, it’s exciting to see what new feature, UX design or algorithm lies ahead.
And our Jönköping establishment isn’t just a strategic one – it’s the hometown of our CEO Olle Düring, meaning the city holds a special place for Teleopti. We’re also bringing Martin Videfors, a Jönköping native himself, home from Teleopti’s main US office in Denver to head up the hub.

Life in our Jönköping R&D office

Learn a little more about what to expect from working in our new development hub:

See what you create
While we are a people-centric company, both in what we offer and our own culture, what we create is a product that people can use and that can change how they work. Every week we release new and enhanced features, continually improving the product available to our customers. With each push of new code, thousands of tests are run automatically and our build and release infrastructure ensures that what developers push can be released the same day. In fact, from 2017 onward we’ve launched more than one new feature or improvement every day.
There’s also the opportunity for on-site days with customers to see your code in action, get first-hand experience of how it is used and be inspired for what you wish to create next.

Goodbye consultancy where your work disappears off without you seeing the benefit it offers to users. With Teleopti you really see what you create.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Teleopti invests a lot in product development, and Research & Development is our biggest department with more than 50 passionate colleagues. It’s great to have that network of ideas and experience but our developers generally sit in groups of 4-5 with both pair and mob programming. We do this so you can take ownership of particular projects and areas of Teleopti WFM software at the same time as having that support to discuss and develop ideas.
From Squid Squad to Bokemon, our teams are unique and innovating in different, new ways. What would your team build? Any ideas on what your ideal team name would be?

Be Agile in your development
All our teams work with an agile methodology using Kanban boards so as to really focus on one project at a time and see that project through to its end.
The focus is on delivering customer value, launching previews to all customers very early in the release process to get feedback to make the best changes as quickly as possible, again possible because of our automated testing. Such an agile process results in WFM features that fulfill customer needs and lead the industry.

Get to know our Agile Coach Maria

Ready to join the journey?

We are welcoming a whole mix of roles to our R&D hub in Jönköping,
see which role has your name on it

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Then click on your desired program and apply for it! If you have any questions regarding Teleopti or other opportunities, contact Johan Ryding, Head of R&D at

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