Title: Senior Developer

At Teleopti since: March 2017

How did you start working at Teleopti?

I had worked in GuangZhou for seven years, and I felt bored and wanted to move to another city to try new things. One day I got a call from a recruiter who was helping Teleopti find a web developer. I was interested in TDD and Agile, and Teleopti have them both. In addition, Teleopti is an international company, and joining a global team was interesting to me. So I took the chance and got the job! Lucky me!

What’s the best thing about working at Teleopti?

  • I appreciate that I can take time to find better ways to do my work. Teleopti really cares about the code quality and there is respect for all ideas.
  • All teleoptimists are sweet. Every workday when I come to the office, their smiles are like sunshine so I can have a good mood even on rainy days. And if I need help, I just ask for it and I will get answers quickly, no matter in which country or office they are working.
  • I feel equal to everyone else and I can be myself.

What do you like about Teleopti’s Shenzhen office?

  • There is coffee and fresh fruit. To have a nice coffee is a sweet start of the workday, and the fruit give me lots of energy when I’m hungry.
  • Three great teams. We are not only working closely but we also have a lot of fun when we share interesting things and try new restaurants/karaoke places/bars together. We are not only colleagues, we are friends.

When are you the happiest?

  • Finding a good restaurant to try different types of food.
  • Travelling to beautiful places.
  • Solving a difficult tech problem and learning new things from it.

What do you do when you are not at work?

On workdays, if I don’t go out with friends, usually I just turn on my computer to watch videos including tech videos, movies, funny short videos from different websites.
On weekends/holidays, then I can do many things. Like watching movie at the cinema or going on a short travel or cook good food (I am not good at cooking, but my boyfriend is a fan of cooking).

Name three things still left on your bucket list.

  • Hiking in the desert for a week
  • Diving to see the underwater world
  • Learning to paint

What gadget do you wish existed?

A smart robot. I need it to help me do the things that I don’t like to do, so that I can spend my time on doing fun things. If it can talk, it also can be a good friend.

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