The acclaimed Great Place to Work® Sweden has chosen Teleopti as one of the top places to work in Sweden in 2018. This year is extra special for us, since we also received the award “Hall of Fame”, which means that we have been one of Sweden’s best workplaces five years in a row.

About Great Place to Work® Institute

Great Place to Work® is a research and consulting company with headquarters in the US and subsidiaries worldwide. They have more than 20 years’ experience of what characterizes a really good workplace and what makes it one of the very best. They evaluate organizations to give them a measure of their workplace culture and their work as employers. Great Place to Work® provides evaluation, analysis and development services, certification and awards that help companies to understand how trust in the organization gives a measurable impact on employee engagement, productivity and financial performance. Every year, they award the quality award “Sweden’s Best Workplaces” based on organizations’ results in an employee survey Trust Index © and a Culture Audit ©.

Teleopti first took part in GPTW’s employee survey and culture audit in 2014, making it onto the top 25 Great Place to Work list. Teleopti has consistently undertaken the survey and audit for the last five years, achieving a place on the list each year, this year earning a place in the GPTW Hall of Fame.


A chat with our CEO, Olle Düring around being one of top places to work and the importance of these kinds of surveys.


Why is it valuable for Teleopti to conduct an employee survey, like the Great Place to Work (GPTW) one?
A survey like this is a structured tool/concept to listen to the organization, what is good/what can be improved, aiming that Teleopti should be a great place to work for all employees. The structured data we get back is very valuable when deciding what to do at Teleopti: what needs to be addressed across the entire company, what is specific for a particular team, or geography.


Why did Teleopti choose to take part in Great Place to Work in particular?
Using an external organizer of the survey allow us to ensure privacy. Everyone can trust that individual feedback is anonymous. There are many tools out there to listen to the organization but GPTW adds the flavor of a trustworthy benchmark. It’s good to know that good is also good in relation to other similar organizations, or how weak areas have been ”solved/managed better” by others.


How does it feel to be on the GPTW list for the 5th year in a row?
We are really proud of the result, especially considering Teleopti’s continuous growth over the last few years. To stay on the list for 5 years in a row, that shows that we stick to our company values and employee satisfaction and treatment is a key, unchanging focus. However, though the ranking and competition is the final touch, it’s not the sole reason we participate. A good ranking, or being on “the list,” strengthens our collective view of ourselves, and certainly adds value when we’re looking for new people to join the Teleopti team. We can objectively show that our efforts to engage and satisfy employees are more than just words, we achieve results that are felt by our staff.


In what ways will Teleopti work with the result?
The results are discussed in the Management Team and presented to everyone at a Staff Meeting or something similar. Each department gets their own result, and most work during the year is done there. This year, as highlighted in the Staff meeting in February, we will form a cross-organizational, non-management team, that will be given the opportunity to work with the result

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