One of the reasons for our success is that we are close to our customers and listen to them. The closeness to each other as managers and employees is also very important. We are dependent on each other and need to get on in order to achieve the best possible results. Of course, closeness is really put to the test when we have staff across 16 offices serving clients in 80 countries, but in fact, closeness is more important than ever.

Timo Hurula


Sales Manager

Timo Hurula Teleopti

“After Tommy* joined Teleopti, we finally had a Finnish speaking consultant in Finland. At the end of his first customer project with Helen, Helsinki Energy Company, we arranged a project meeting with the customer.

At the start of the meeting, I, like I usually do, shook hands with everybody, and kept my distance, as I know Finns are quite strict when it comes to doing business. But when Tommy entered the room, everyone hugged him, and my jaw dropped to the floor. I knew they were happy with the project, but that happy? Tommy is a gem, true closeness.”


*Tommy Palomäki is one of our dedicated consultant and project managers at Teleopti.

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