A Swedish story

A Swedish story

History and financials

Nils and Marita Bildt founded Teleopti in Stockholm back in 1992, and still today they remain active on our Board of Directors. We have consistently grown organically while turning a net profit, and we continue to do so today at an ever-increasing pace.

Our innovative (yet cautious) self-funding strategy continues to advance our business and our solutions.  This successful approach has created a solid company with sustainable and self-generated growth and continual year-over-year profitability.

In January 1998 there were nine of us, and a year later there were 25. Today Teleopti has more than 180 employees. Therefore, we can continuously invest in future development to meet our customers’ needs. Today we are a Swedish company with offices and customers around the world and an extensive network of partners.

A team without limits

You only have to look at our map to realize we’re an international company. Visit one of our offices and you’ll quickly see that we’re not only international geographically, we also see no boundaries when it comes to diversity at our offices. Diversity enriches our organization and our customer relations. And if you stay a while, you’ll discover that this is what makes us truly strong.

At Teleopti, we move freely across departmental boundaries. Functions like IT and marketing obviously have completely different skill sets and their own milestones. But equally obvious is that we all have an important role to play in keeping the customer satisfied. That’s why we work with each other – as a team – across boundaries.

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